During my dissertation, I took a break from some of my coding projects.  However, I still consistently code in Python.  Unfortunately, my github profile is currently a mess and desperately needs some maintenance.  However, here are a couple of links to my more significant (and organized) coding project (all on github).


My “Google Summer of Code” project consisted of implementing, testing and documenting an empirical likelihood sub-package to be included in the Statsmodels package.  This was probably the most valuable coding experience as I not only learned the “ins and outs” of Python but also good coding practices.


This is a package designed to implement and solve “Net-Form Games.”  A lot of my work in this package involved maintenance, performance improvements and refactoring.


This is what I was working on when I should have been working on my dissertation.  It is basically the start of a project aimed at baseball analytics.  The basic modules of this package scrape the Internet for data and also implement a simple GUI for comparing players.  This is a fun project but it did get me very comfortable with web scraping and gui development.